21 de maio de 2013

Dos segundos* - do que perdem e do que ganham

* ou dos terceiros e quartos e quintos, credo.

"It is inevitable that I worry once in a while about what she might be missing, being that we're spread in our parenting energies by the needs of five little ones. Unlike her oldest brother, she doesn't have years of time alone with us. She has one day a week, she has bedtimes, she has moments here and moments there. It is quite different. But I am reminded so often, at her little birthday party especially, of what more she has. Not just two parents, but in essence, six people looking out for her. So many people right nearby who will read to her, give her a lift, help her get something out of reach, and give a kiss when she falls down. She runs to each of us for comfort - everywhere she looks, there's love. And for that...well, for that...I'd say she's a blessed little one."

É isso, Soulemama, às vezes irritas-me com os teus cinco filhos e a tua vida perfeita, mas desta vez fizeste-me ver bem aquilo que terei de ter em mente daqui a uns tempos. Mesmo que, no nosso caso, estas seis pessoas sejam só quatro: os pais, a irmã e o gato, claro.

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